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Trendy Hair Color Ideas That You Should Try

It’s already the second month we’re in 2018, but some of the year’s trends have already set in – especially when we talk about hair colors. Hair colorists have found that fashion gurus and trendsetters continue to adopt warmer tones, including unconventional and outstanding hues. Everyone is curious about which trends will prevail this year. Before you visit the hair salon, you should look at these trendy hair color suggestions. Bright butterberry hair color

An exquisite blend of gold, reddish brown and yellows offers a new coloristic solution, which was named Butterbierhaar. It’s a new trend that has already turned heads. If you are interested in subtle hair colors, you should opt for muted orange tones. Those who have a gut feeling can use electric yellows and blues. The result is an outstanding hair color like this. Bright butterberry hair color

Honey Golden Blonde Hair Color

Honey blond is getting big this year, because last year we had enough fun with platinum and ash tones. It’s just the time to break the hair of over-lively blondes and try something like Gold Honey Blonde. There are many more variations of this sophisticated color that you can try for yourself. Beige honey-golden blonde is what you need to consider. It’s easier to wait. honey-golden blonde hair color Violet and plum hair color

It is the color of the year. Violets and plum will really pop in 2018. These catchy nuances can bring something unexpected to your style. This combo screams boldness. You can be inspired by the look shown below. We strongly recommend that you study the colors and create your own version of the combo. Violet and plum hair color Caramel Ombre

If vibrant and unexpected hues are in the mainstream, that does not mean that you should avoid dark hues. Embrace dark shades with a touch of lightness. When dark eyebrows and light browns are mixed, you get a fascinating color that warms the complexion without full use. The best part is that you do not have to retouch it as often as you would with a full color. Caramel Ombre Orange hair color

If you have woken up with a feeling to get something wild, the following orange tint is for you. However, this moody color is not suitable for every skin tone. Therefore, you should talk to your colorist to make sure he complements your skin tone. Orange is a loud shade that definitely boosts your self-confidence. Try it if it is suitable for your skin tone. Orange hair color


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