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Stealing Their Style: The Spice Girls

Can you believe how long it has been since he has spice girls meet up? For children of the 90s, he has shaped much of our musical inspiration grow. We all had our favorites: Chic, Scary, Baby, Ginger or Sportsman. It was a group that stood for empowerment and they did not take prisoners with people who did not agree with them. Why am I coming now? Because, twenty years after Spice World the film first hit our screens, we are witnessing a comeback. We will check the girls’ looks and see how much they have changed over the past 20 years. emma-bunton

ALIAS baby spice is the youngest of girls and is known for her bubbly personality and light long lashes. Over twenty years and she still has her adorably sweet personality and beautiful blonde hair. Gone are the days of her high pigtails the mom and presenter is a lot more hesitant with her makeup and personal style now. She tends to stick with her straight hair looks, but looks amazing with it on the side bangs and side swept style. cliphair-extensions-spice-girl-victoria-beckham Perhaps the best known of girls, she has become a fashion idol for many people and has a family that is celebrity royalty. This gently spoken, stern beauty knows how to dress to impress and uses all the tricks in the book to create a killer style. Bypassing, smokey eyes and this lady’s hair extensions do all that is needed to make a simple black suit in a modern day classic. She’s gone for a chic style here to match with her spectacular makeup, the bun. If you’re ever trying to dress to impress and want to add some volume around your crown, the bun is the way to go. cliphair-extensions-spice-girl-geri-halliwell From singing to designing and writing this brave young girl is multi talented for you. She has always been one of the strongest girls, and we can see how she catches the public’s attention for her talents. Since the group originally split in 1998, Geri has gotten married and is a mother of two and the mother-in-law of one. Enough to talk about his life is his style that we are so shocked by the change. in the 90s we knew that for his bright red with blonde mane and veins, but it’s the farthest thing from his down to earth, casual now. These said Geri prefers a subtle ginger tones and confesses that it’s so much better on her. cliphair-extensions-spice-girl-mel-b Scary Spice strong, proud and mini bread space hair, look we like now. She is better known for her pragmatic attitude on america’s Got Talent than her singing these days, but she has significantly improved her sense of style. We have hardly seen a leopard these days, but she is definitely a fan of bright colors. One thing remained the same, she likes to play with her look, a blunt bob cut or long wicks, she looks amazing. cliphair-extensions-spice-girls-mel-c This lady has the most style of transformation. She was once the band’s failed boy, but she is now certified bomb and continues to rock career performances. For those of you who have seen his Blood Brothers, you are super lucky. She looks like she has come in her own with a gentle wave of her hair and slim highlights to lighten her big hair brunette.

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