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Shaved Hairstyle Ideas for Fat Ladies

Low-core women should pass our article, as it is made for ladies who are not afraid to show off their inner bold girl with the help of an edgy culture. Today’s article is dedicated to shaved hairstyle ideas for fat ladies. There are many ways to use your mower. You can choose any part of your head and move on. Shaved patterns are super nice to wear as you can camouflage when you do not feel like showing off. If you have short or long hair, you can always find your type of shaved style.


Offline Haircut

let’s start our list with the most daring ever made. This culture is popular among men, but women are not afraid to adopt it. It’s all about undercutting that creates disconnection between the lengths of hair. Another thing that makes this look bold is one side of the separation. Make your bold style even more impressive by placing highlights that are brighter than your natural hair color.

Buzz Side of Bob Haircut

This bob mode is on every side buzz and thin bangs. Everything about this style is super pissed off, but this platinum blonde, the color of the hair, softens the whole look. Since it’s a super bold style, make sure your facial features are appropriate for the look. Sometimes there is no better way to impress your inner world rather than a chosen haircut right.

Razor Pattern on The Side

Here is a work of art created with a lawn mower. The razor pattern on the side of the head is possible to camouflage whenever you want to turn from a daring girl to an elegant woman. When it comes to this culture, it’s a pixie bob that lets you give style to your strands in different ways. If you want to make the following style, do not forget to show this picture to your hairdresser.

Counterpain for Long Hair

Fortunately, razor patterns are for everyone, regardless of hair length and natural texture. Here is an undercut hairstyle for women with long hair. Create a beautiful hairstyle and show off your lower fat, or let your hair cascade down to cover the undercut. You can never go wrong with a chic hairstyle like this. Ask your hairdresser for the same look and make a bold statement.

Razor Model on the Neck

The most popular way of undercutting rock is to do it on the nape of the neck. Like the previous style, this remains is also possible to cover with strands. Most popular hairstyles for this body are buns, ponytails or braids.


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