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Ridiculously beautiful winter hair colors for 2019

In winter, when the weather gets colder and colder, and the wardrobe is filled with woolen pullovers and coats, all you have to do is think about raising your hair color. To help you save your hair game from freezing, we have put together the most beautiful and popular hair colors of the winter of 2018 . There are ideas for different skin tones and eye colors. I’m sure you will find yours. Winter hair colors Caramel ombre hair color

The Ombre is here to stay. Unlike dip-dye looks, contemporary ombre styles use complementary hues and contrasting hues. For dark brunettes we recommend a seamless bronze melt from the middle to the end. The shadows add extra pop to any hairdo out there. This simple, but on the red carpet proven hairstyle is the best example of my words. Caramel ombre hair color

Maroon hair color

The first thing that comes to your mind is that you get darker or cooler in the winter. The benefit of rocking this hue is that it gives your skin a warmer tone. It flatters every skin tone and eye color. Maroon is a perfect transitional color for various hair effects. Get this natural-looking hair color and bring out your complexion. Maroon hair color Honey Blonde Hair Color

Honey blonde is somewhere in the shadow of brunettes and blondes. It’s a striking hair color solution for a slight change without looking too severe. If you’re looking for a way to boost your brown hair by a few notches to a striking blond-brown, you get such a color. Make sure the tone works for your complexion. However, it looks good for anyone with medium skin tone. Hardly there Balayage hair color Hardly there Balayage hair color

This color is anything but conspicuous. It is an easy-care and beautiful hair color, which is ideal for the winter months. To create such a look, grow your roots and change the hair color. A touch of balayage on the middle lengths and ends is what you need to give your locks a natural-looking touch. Sleek, straightforward styling is great for showing off the bold colors. Hardly there Balayage hair color Rich copper hair color

We also have something for our cute redheads. Update your already red hair with a single-process copper tint. It’s a great idea for the winter, as there is no risk of fading in the summer sun. Copper complements a number of skin tones, but you still need to consult with your colorist. Regardless of your hair length, this shade is perfect for you. Rich copper hair color


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