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Pretty Nice Long Straight Hairstyles

Elegant straight long hair … Do not you think that’s the dream look? Especially if the hair is thick, straight hair long look absolutely chic and beautiful. But women with a thinner hair type should go with layered hairstyles to create sleek and voluminous long hair .

You can perfectly frame your face with straight hair and layering, the shot is also very important touches a face-framing of the hairstyle. Chin or cheekbone layering length with wrapped in blow out, this would be perfect for women who want to showcase their facial features. The overlay light at the end is perfect for thick hair, this way you can style your hair easily. If you want to add some volume and chopped texture the layering at the end of the hair is a good choice for women with fine hair.

Long straight hair show the shades of your hair color perfectly so, you should choose a hair color that matches your skin tone and your hair type.

1. Blonde and Long Hairline

Long-Straight Hairstyle

2. Straight Layers Cut Hairstyle

Coiffures Droites

3. Long straight Straight Hair Dark Brown Style

Longs Cheveux raides Styles

4. Long straight hair with highlights

Longs Cheveux raides

5. Cute Long Straight Hairstyle

Droite Longue Coiffures


Long Coiffures Droites-6


Long Coiffures Droites-7


Long Coiffures Droites-8


Long Coiffures Droites-9


Long Coiffures Droites-10

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