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Natural looking brunette balayage hair colors for 2019

If you have always felt brown hair dull and smooth, the right moment to rethink. Brown tones applied using the non-foil balayage technique, resulting in a more exquisite and natural way, is a target for all brunettes. It is the best way to leave others with a strong hair envy. In fact, mixing different shades has never been so much fun. Take your time and check out these natural-looking brunette balayage hair colors for 2018, and make an appointment with your hair care professional . Balayage hair colors Burnt orange tips

You have a brave hairstyle? Change your brunette balayage with orange balayage highlights towards the tips of your locks. If you want a natural-looking hair color, the balayage technique is a must. As you can see, the color works well with brunettes. Now dark-haired ladies can try out strong and vibrant tones like orange, blue, green and so on. Orange is a nice contrast to dark tones. orange hair color

Auburn highlights for brunettes

Add some drama to your look with incredible highlights. Auburn tones sprinkled into your brunette curls are perfectly. You can let your imagination run free and play with different tones for a unique color combination. Would you like to try something different? Well, that’s the best idea for you. However, a little bleaching is required especially for very dark hair. Light brown balayage

You do not need a coat of your natural hair color to achieve a striking hair color. Ask your hair stylist for bicolor highlights and use the balayage technique for your curls. It’s a great option for ladies who want to change their look but are not ready for a big commitment yet. It is also a low-maintenance hair color that does not require frequent post-treatment. Ash blond to gray ombre

Beauty trendsetters with gray locks were everywhere on Instagram. The delicious look created by the sounds spins heads and leaves women with envy. It is impossible to resist the beauty of these shades. If you have the gray color at the tips of your locks, forget growing roots. For a complete impression, you should make your locks in loose waves. Honey brown highlights

The next color, which is particularly suitable for brunette hair, is honey brown. The contrast is visible, yet subtle and filigree. Slight waves in the locks give the style a refined touch and bring out the best shadows. Note that the look is created using our favorite balayage.


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