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Men faded beard styles

A well-groomed beard is always more eye-catching and interesting. It gives a cool touch to the overall picture of a man. A beard fading is one of the best ways to make a good impression. The tendency to wear faded beards is growing day by day. Such beards come in different shapes and forms. In this article I will show you the best faded beard styles worth wearing this year.

Men faded beard styles Black beard

Here you have the opportunity to try a beard style offered by an African-American man. The jaws get a fade cut that obviously separates them from the hair. If you, like the majority of African American men, have natural curly hair, do not hesitate to experiment with this stunning beard style.

Men faded beard styles

black men beard

Faded cut

Actually, beard and haircut should be perfectly matched. This fade cut creates a perfect level with the hair length. The hair on the chin has remained long and thick to create a sharp contrast. It is a beard style that is often chosen by African American men, but that does not mean that you can not rock it.

Men faded beard styles

faded beard style

Gorgeous page fading

In this picture you can see a style in which the jaws are cut shorter and provided with a short goatee on the chin. This is a perfect style for those who want to stand out from the crowd. By the way, if you opt for this look, you should consider your barber. Only find a professional stylist who is well informed about barting styles.

Men faded beard styles

Gorgeous page fading

Middle fade

This impressive goatee is intended to give the style a refined and modern touch. You can see it blends well with the sharp fade on the sides of the head. The separation between beard and hair brings a new level. Nevertheless, those who want to attract attention should try this type of beard.

Men faded beard styles

Medium fade beard

Jaw-line fade

Look at how many options you have! Here, the fade-in of the jaw lines produces a clearly defined appearance. What about the goatee on the chin? It creates more drama in this style. What I really like about this beard is that it works perfectly with a hairstyle. The overall style attracts attention.

Men faded beard styles

Pine line fade

Taper fade

I am sure that before our article you could not even imagine that even men’s beards can be faded. But you have so many different types of faded beards. You just have to make a right choice. The tapered beard cuts well with curly and tangled hair as in African American men. The front part of the ear receives a sharp fade that completely separates the beard from the hair.

Men faded beard styles

Rejuvenation fade mens hairstyle


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