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Julian Edelman haircut and hairstyle ideas

Everyone knows that Julian Edelman has great hair. His thick texture allows him to draw different hairstyles. You may have noticed how well he looks with his comb over the beard hairstyle. Sometimes it’s a bit short and messy, sometimes a bit long and groomed, but the thing is, he always looks masculine. Here are some of Julian Edelman’s signature haircuts and hairstyles to get you excited about your next hairstyle makeover. When you are ready to be impressed, we start.

Julian Edelman haircut and hairstyle ideas Julian Edelman Short structured haircut

The next crop is the shortest version of Julian Edelman’s haircut. This crop produces its thick, yet fine texture, while the texturizing gel applied in the strands imparts more volume and shape. When it comes to the sides, they are cut short and the beard completes the entire look. It is the highest moment to copy his style and get a nice look.
Julian Edelman haircut and hairstyle ideas
Julian Edelman comb over hairstyle

Julian Edelman knows perfect hairstyles, and the following style is just one of them. His combed strands are designed with vibrant shine and volume. The key to this look are the high gloss hair products. You can easily reach the look if you have enough length on your head. Copy the cut and get the style within five minutes. Julian Edelman haircut and hairstyle ideas Julian Edelman Textured Comb Over

You do not always have to look polished. Do not forget that messy hairstyles are the hottest trends of the season. It is not an easy task, but not impossible, to draw a messy textured comb over the hairstyle. Just look at this style and it will be more than clear. The headdress is about combing the strands in a messy pattern to the side. Remember, you should not overdo it. Julian Edelman haircut and hairstyle ideas Julian Edelman undercut hairstyle

It is no secret that the undercut is the most masculine element in men’s hair fashion. This edgy element will be one step higher for each harvest. Undercuts, however, look extraordinary when combined with a long bodice. It allows you to best carry a bold pompadour, a smooth back or a comb over the hairstyles. Julian Edelman’s undercut hairstyle is only the best proof of my words. Julian Edelman haircut and hairstyle ideas Julian Edelman Fat beard and messy hairstyle

This is the latest harvest that discovered Julian Edelman. You may have already noticed that almost all of his haircuts are similar – the difference is in the styling. The following style is also messy, but what attracts attention is the thick beard style. To get this beard, you have to wait a bit and keep it well maintained. Julian Edelman haircut and hairstyle ideas


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