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Hot mulled wine hair colors for 2019

You may find your next hair color inspiration right in the glass of your wine. The deep red hair color, blended with orange and cinnamon shades, is a delicious solution for your hair. It’s all about mullet hair color, which has become an Instagram-approved combo. The mulled wine breathes coziness. It is reminiscent of hygge lifestyle by the fireplace. Fascinating, right? It’s the perfect time to celebrate your love of your favorite drink by rocking one of those hot mulled-up hair colors for 2018 . red hair color Mulled wine hair color trend

Like any other hair color, mulled wine was first introduced on Instagram. The color leaves everyone out of breath. According to hair-colorists, this color is considered the trendiest winter shade. It is not a simple color to achieve, as you have to mix several shades to get it. However, it is preferable to visit the hairdressing salon. There’s no need to show your hair colorist a picture. Just treat him / her with a glass of mulled wine.

Versatility of mulled-up hair color

Mulled wine is a very versatile note due to your favorite burgundy and berry tones. The best part is that the color tone complements different eye colors and skin tones. In addition, the red hair color works great with the no texture and the haircut. Regardless of whether you have curly or straight hair, add extra pop to your tresses. In fact, it’s worth a try. Mulled wine and your skin tone

As already mentioned, it complements various eye colors and skin tones. If you have a light skin tone, we strongly recommend choosing lighter berry tones, while Merlot tones are ideal for a darker complexion. Yes, it’s a trend for everyone, but remember that mixing the right notes is crucial. Ask your hair farmer to adjust this shade to your skin tone.

Mulled red hair color is here at the right moment. If you think there is nothing left to wear, this hue proves that you really have something to keep in mind. Unlike many other Instagram trends, this one is totally wearable. I am sure that not a single redhead will think twice before deciding on this ingenious combination. If you also want to have Instagram-worthy hair color, you should try this as soon as possible. Remember that your hair is the most important part of your picture.


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