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Gossip Girl Best Hairstyle Moments

Even though the “Gossip Girl” is officially off, it continues to be a serious fashion inspiration. Gold Serena from the beach mane, waves and Blair dark strands in different buns and downdos prove that both blonde and a brunette can have fun. These girls always have the center of attention, but we really love Jenny Vanessa’s and other styles. If you have been the fun of this incredible TV series or not, you need to check out these hairstyle ideas from “Gossip Girl”. I’m sure today, you’ll find another cool hairstyle for tomorrow.

Serena Classic Soft Waves

This is the killer look of Serena. Nobody will forget his incredible soft waves in a fascinating blonde hair color. This hairstyle is ideal for any independent woman who is trying to find a way to express her feelings and emotions. Nowadays, it is not necessary to have long hair to reach long hair. Hair extensions provide with a great look that is both easy and timeless.


Jenny High School Bandeau

Jenny from the high school hairdresser with headband is still blowing our minds. The beautiful bun provides Jenny with a mature look, but she spiced it up with a pretty headband to give a girly vibe. Indeed, this iconic “Gossip Girl” hairstyle is easy to create. All you need to do is pull your hair up and secure it with bobby pins. Complete the look by applying a blue ribbon-like bandeau.


Straight and Smooth Hair with a Headband

Blair delicious straight and smooth hair is given a few layers for a circulation to look like this. Blair wears her straight hair and adds a feminine twist to her entire look with a simple eye-catching headband. This style not only illustrates its appearance, but also brings its elegant haircut. This is a great hairstyle option for women with naturally smooth hair. In case if you are looking for a new makeover hairstyle, consider Blair hairstyle.


Ivy with Strawberry Blonde Hairstyle

Remember Ivy? Well, here is one of his iconic hair. Let’s say she looks ultra-feminine. What makes her look catchy and sweet? Well, it’s obviously his strawberry blonde strands that are set up in a hair style bun. Whoever pulls the look, tends to attract attention and make a fashion statement. Indeed, strawberry continues to be one of the most requested hair colors of the season.


Lily is Simple Bride Hairstyle

Lily, it looks young and fresh, rocks, a bun that any bride can adopt. This is a twisted bun perfectly highlights the beauty of its stressed strands. If you do not know what to wear on your big day. With the right choose the accessories you will have rock.



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