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Communion hairstyles for guests 2019

The time of weddings, baptisms and communions is approaching. During the Primvaera and in the summer there are more celebrations. And surely you will be invited to one of them, right? Now it’s time to decide which look you ‘ll wear and we’ll help you with this collection of 2019 guest-comming hairstyles.

There are many different styles, and choosing one depends on you. Depending on how your hair and the dress you are wearing will be one or the other better. We show you the trends and leave the difficult decision to you.

Communion collected for guests in 2019

Due to the heat that usually arises at this season, The collected are the communion hairstyles for the most beloved guests . They allow you to be cool and comfortable, and there are options for all kinds of looks.

Among the collected and in all kinds of hairstyles in general, the braids are again the queens per year. The protagonists of this 2019 will be the lateral Tang braids. You dare? It’s a comfortable and youthful hairstyle that will be fantastic with a low-cut dress.

Kommunion-Frisuren für Gäste 2019

If you are looking for something more classic in pigtails, you can always access the headband effect. It is the best option for hot as it collects all the hair on the face and prevents it from falling again thanks to its braiding. It is designed for more sober and formal looks and allows you to have fun without having to worry about hair. Kommunion-Frisuren für Gäste 2019

A classic that never fails is the low pickup. It is the most formal option for classic celebrations. Remember that this hairstyle can easily affect you for years. Therefore, you should choose the picking style well. A good professional can advise you based on your hair type and the shape of your face.

Kommunion-Frisuren für Gäste 2019

This style of collection fits perfectly with large earrings or choker and strapless dresses or a boat neckline. A look of this kind leaves the protagonism up to the neck and you have to make good use of this area. Kommunion-Frisuren für Gäste 2019

The last of our Communion Hairstyles for Category 2019 guests is the Ponytail. It may seem very simple, but this hairstyle is more fashionable than ever. It is worn in many different ways: sideways, formal and stretched, with lots of volume and messy … All the best for fashion!

Half greeting of the communion for the guests 2019

If you want to show off your hair, but continue with a comfortable look that helps you remove some of the hair from your face, then half-choirs are your thing. It can be the most appropriate style for braids since you can get a vintage look that matches today’s celebrations.

Semi-collected hairstyles combine the techniques of the collected, but let loose a part of the hair. They mix different styles and create their own. Taking more or less hair depends on the hairstyle you want and the type of hair.

Kommunion-Frisuren für Gäste 2019

In recent years, this type of hairstyle has limited us to picking the top of the hair or the sides, but they are intertwining the braids throughout the hair giving an informal look. Kommunion-Frisuren für Gäste 2019

If communion is celebrated in a garden or on a patio, a romantic look is the best option. To achieve this style, you can decorate the hairstyle with flowers. Big or small, they are worn as tiaras or as a crown.

Communion hairstyles for guests 2019 with loose hair

For those who have beautiful hair and loose hair are the best option. With this style of hairstyle, the current trend leaves volume as the absolute protagonist. Semi Cardados, waves, curls … the volume decreases and much.

Kommunion-Frisuren für Gäste 2019

If your hair is very slippery or flabby, try to add volume with water waves, marked but not very deep. You will keep all Communion if you use good fixers such as varnish or foam. Kommunion-Frisuren für Gäste 2019

Although California fuses are no longer in vogue, they still see different colors of discoloration, by points and means or in gradients. If you have this kind of color you can look good with the loose hair and it will shine by itself. Kommunion-Frisuren für Gäste 2019

Same as the Semirecogidos The flowers help you to get a sweeter look . They are natural or artificial in all sizes. The most common is to see them in a crown or a diadem, but you can also attach them to the sides or loosen the hair. Kommunion-Frisuren für Gäste 2019

Loose hair is better if you combine it with box-neck dresses, with long or French sleeves. In any case, you should avoid wearing pendants or necklaces if they are discreet, as they will go unnoticed. If you want to wear something around your neck, this should be a large, eye catching necklace that can catch the eye of your loose hair.

The loose-haired look, when the hair is long and voluptuous, can be better combined with earrings, bracelets and rings when it comes to jewelry. A suitable jewelry can be hats or headgear Lately one of the trendiest trends.


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