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Bright hair colors seen in 2019

After all those cozy, hygge-inspired shades we’re going for brighter and bolder colors this year. Our favorite looks will be those created with glowing acid tones, caramel highlights and peachy warm tones. These colors will lighten your dark hair and complexion. Take a look at these hair colors , which will be on display everywhere in 2019, and call your colorist. Sour hair colors

Many colorists have already begun to whiten their color kit, as acid is the next rainbow color for the hair industry. Whether you call it a neon color or an electrically inspired 80’s hair color, it’s more and more about Technicolor. Since acid will be the next big trend, you should consider this in your locks. Be inspired by the following style of the popular colorist Guy Tang. Sour hair colors

Hair color based on gold

Dear Colorists, It’s just the right moment to warm up your formula with a gold-based hue that makes the whole look shine. In fact, a touch of gold is very flattering to almost any skin tone and it is much more brilliant than ashy tones. This look was created by another Insta-popular hair color artist who can inspire and motivate other colorists around the world. Hair color based on gold Caramel Rose hair color

Yes, that’s right, you’ll see this amazing hair color in every salon in the world. Caramel pink tone is the most sought after among the brunettes. It has pink and warm caramel tones. The best part about this combo is that it is not too daring. That’s still your hair, just a little pimped up. Everything fits easily into a texture and dimension. Caramel Rose hair color Red hair color

Red is a loud color that attracts a lot of attention. It is a beautiful color, which is characterized by its versatility. Here is a deep shade of red, which is especially suitable for people who want a color. However, this color will be a big change for brunettes and blondes, while redheads will consider this for updating their already existing red clay. Red hair color Orangy hair color

Warm orange tones are in rage. Adding a little warmth to your streaks will definitely lighten your look. Warm undertones work exceptionally well for people with a warm complexion, although you still need to contact your hair farmer to find the best color for yourself. It goes without saying that it is a high maintenance paint that requires regular rework. Orangy hair color


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