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Braids of separation: new model in modern hairstyles

The separation braids are the braids that are either in the line or where the separation should be. Recently, more and more celebrities are seeing embracing this cute trend. There are still several ways to remove the braid. You have the chance to go for either a braided braid through the line of separation or to inspire yourself with the “unicorn”. Here are the coolest braid hairstyles for every woman out there. hairstyles with medium braid

Double-edged braids

Instead of a simple braid, you can choose two. These two superb separating mats take her loose hair a notch higher. It is impossible not to adore these striking braids because they are charming and ultra-feminine. Besides, the type of the braid is based on your skills. If you are skilled at braiding, then do not hesitate to go in fur with it
Double Parting Braids Unicorn braid

This is the braid that got the unicorn name. It is distinguished by its volume and height. The braid starts at the front and goes down to the back. It’s a simple hairstyle, even if it seems complicated. Beside the braid, we can see messy and wavy locks that do not require special skills. Middle Braid

This star prefers the smallest medium braid that adds visual interest to the look. It has a small French braid that is braided on the line of separation. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it works for everyone, including women with short, medium and long hair. Start with a simple three-strand braid. Then you can master the fishtail braid, the Dutch braids, and so on. Double Baird

Wear another cool hairstyle, which involves weaving two braids instead of one. The smaller style is the perfect example of a great separation. This double-braid highlights the beauty of the hair reflections. The fascinating part of this hairstyle is that it seems rather complicated, but as soon as you understand the technique. double braid Multiple braided braids

Why choose a single braid when you can remove several braids and get a more eye-catching look. These cornrow braids are quite neat and polished. It’s a great way to get your locks out of your face and look fabulous at the same time. Whether you believe it or not, this hairstyle may as well go with a formal outfit. Do not hesitate to rock him both by chance and formally. Moreover, if these braids are difficult to obtain, ask your hairdresser for help.


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