New Hairstyles 2019

Blowout hairstyles for men 2019

In 2019 men’s blowout hairstyles are incredible, especially when combined with creative elements like hard part and conical sides. Blowout hairstyles were popular decades ago, but disappeared as new styles emerged. Nowadays, improved blowout haircuts look better and cooler. All stylish men are referring to this style. I recommend that you take a look at these pictures and find out your favorite hairstyle.

Blowout hairstyles for men 2019 Crown Slick Back

Some men know how elegant and noble they look. The key is hidden behind a real hairstyle. With this haircut, the size of the crown hair and the undercut is incredibly beautiful, but the fashionable pruning makes it all a lot better. This hairstyle can be combined with both casual and classic looks.

Blowout hairstyles for men 2019

Crown back hairstyle for men 2019

Back combed waves

If you have natural curls, it’s great because you can easily pull that look, though men with other hair types can do it. The hair on the top is preferably about three inches or longer. Here, the threads were gelled and then gently combed back. The sides and back should be faded to create a bond with the beard. This look is about a real cut.

Blowout hairstyles for men 2019

wavy hairstyle

Buzz Haircut

We’ve talked about buzz cut many times before. You already knew that the buzz was initially a conservative military haircut, but nowadays it is adopted by men who like to keep their hair short and tidy. Buzz is also available in different styles. The following buzz cut grows up while the sides have a zero fade. It is more than noticeable that facial hair completes the overall picture of the cut.

Blowout hairstyles for men 2019

Men’s Buzz Haircut

Mullet haircut

Yes, we also bring back the mullet. A mullet is very versatile and can be carried in different ways. Here the hair is given a part in the middle of the head and then divided into two main sections. The upper part was combed forward, then lightly styled, then the other half was gently brushed back and formed into a mullet.

Blowout hairstyles for men 2019

Mullet Haircut of Men

Long crown blowout hairstyle

The full-grown top offers you different hairstyles and you have the opportunity to show your boldness. You can use a creative side piece to separate the long top pony from the faded sides, and then dry the pony dry before turning it into a smooth back.

Blowout hairstyles for men 2019

Long crown haircut for men 2019

Curly top with hard part

Curly hair is already stylish, but you can still combine it with interesting details like hard part. For example, the hairdresser in this haircut created a deep side part between the crown and the faded sides and back. This beautiful haircut requires professional hands. I am sure that you will succeed!

Blowout hairstyles for men 2019

curly hairstyle for men 2019


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