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Best Dark Hair Colors for 2019

It is a dark or soft shade that can be adopted by everyone. Dark makes the color more natural and delicate. Any hair color works great when done in a dark pattern. The key to excellent dark hair color is perfectly blended shades. The real, dark, out of the hardness of the lines. Here, I collected the best dark, hair colors for 2018 to give you a better idea of ​​how a real dark looks. Take a picture of the dark that we love.


Dark Blonde

If you are looking for a color combination that will highlight the perfection of the dark blonde, no need to go farther. Below we have included a tall dark blonde who requires the use of sweeping technique for the best of the effect. The blonde shades have been hand painted to get a dark hair color like this. However, it is recommended to keep the roots darker.


Caramel Blond Waves

If you want to give your hair a beautiful shine this dazzling caramel tone is just for you. As you can see, locks have dark caramel on the roots, but it becomes lighter towards the tip. Apart from hair color, the waves are eye-catching as well. The waves perfectly show the dark beauty. This is the natural look of a shade that requires less maintenance.


Dimensions Blondie Locks

These beach, waves have a slight hint of blonde and simply adorable look with darker roots. But the blonde shade still dominant. Indeed, the colorist used a hand painting of the sophisticated technique and dimensions of appearance. Note that the shadow becomes brighter toward the tip of creating a soft, fabulous hairstyle like this.

dimensional caramel-lock-450x650

Sweet Blonde and Brown Hair Color

Here is another incredible style that you can rock everywhere. It is natural yet the shadow blowing spirit that works for different shades and eye colors. These wavy strands with a brighter caramel hue on the tips of creating a dark impeccable pattern hair. If you want to update your hair color, go ahead with a trend of hair color like this.


Blonde Dark Brown

The texture of these shutters is simply amazing. The color makes it even more adorable. The color transitions from the darkest caramel shade to the soft blonde tint to the tips. Color is the most important thing that takes things a step further. It’s impossible to go wrong with a mind blowing hair color like this. If you can not engage between shadow and light, choose tones at once and give that dark a try.

Soft Blonde-and-Brown-Hair-Color


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