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Bal-Ready Natural Hairstyles for Black Women in 2019

Gone are the days when sleek and linear equals sleek, it’s the best time to let your hair naturally do its thing. Prom is an important event that requires an appropriate image. Celebrities hairdressers mention that there is nothing better than the appearance of afro texture at any length. Elegant cornrows add a touch on feminine brightly colored dresses or dresses. However, afros are still possible to take a higher notch with a hair jewelry and headdress flowers. Read before you see some natural bal-ready hairstyles for black women in 2018.


Locks texture

– You do not want to see your hairdresser before your ball? Here is a beautiful hairstyle that is easy to make on your natural hair. Well, the texture of your locks simply braid before sleeping. The next day you have mermaid-inspired waves. Complete the look by applying a beautiful helmet to your son. It’s totally a bal-ready hairstyle.


Simple Midfielder

If you’re not into complicated hairstyles, we recommend keeping things simple with a nice middle of the game. Classic mid-section and perfectly defined tendrils create the most sophisticated ever. Indeed, when you are blessed with a natural texture like this, you do not have to go to your hairdresser. With a style like this, get ready to stand out in your prom.



Cornrows have never been so fashionable and stylish. They are perfect to wear on your ball. It goes without saying that there are countless styles to remove the cornrows and below, you can see one of the best ways to do it. The combination of braids and cornrows is ridiculously beautiful. The best thing is that this style is super easy to create and you do not have to worry about flyaway strands.



Here is another cool hairstyle for your natural texture. Put a new twist on a regular hair bun with this pleasure of interpretation. The hairstyle suite combines a bread pull-back with voluminous curls. The locks on the forehead are connected in a bun to keep the strands of the face. As far as you can see the style pretty cool works on women with medium-sized hair.


Curly Afro

Those with short hair, have to consider this super cropped afro. This is the perfect backdrop for a clean look makeup. In fact, you do not have to do much with a short crop like that. Just apply some hair oils to keep your curls well-refined and neat.

curly-African 450x800


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