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21 hairstyles for long faces with tips and tricks

Hairstyles for Long Faces

No matter how much care you give your hair, everything is wasted if you do not choose a hairstyle that flatters the structure of your face. The oblong face shape is very common in women and this is characterized by long forehead and chin. She usually has no full cheeks and cheeks, jaw and forehead are the same width. Here are some of the useful tips that are suggested by the experts, and you should keep in mind when considering long hairstyles.

Tips to make hairstyles for long faces

  • Waves and curls must become your best friends in the hairdressing department. They increase the width of the face and reduce the clarity of its length.
  • Bangs will never fail to reduce the length of your face, so go for long, sweeping or straight-cut bangs that brush over the eyebrows or cover the forehead.
  • Hairstyles with bloated tops increase the length of your face. Therefore, you should skip the high ponytails or ballerina buns best.
  • Highlights work wonders to tighten your long face. Ask your stylist about eclipsing, as the highlights of this method are the contours for your face.
  • Although she is not related to hairstyles, glasses are always a good idea for oblong faces. Square glasses with low bridge and contrast color on the sides as well as aviator sunglasses fit perfectly to your face shape.

Middle part of shoulder-length hair

This one is so simple yet elegant that you will surely fall in love with it. The sides of the face are completely hidden by long fringes. So the face is not as elongated as it actually is. The shoulder-length hair is finely cut from the middle. The hair tips are slightly wavy to give the smooth hair a texture.

Hairstyles for long faces

Slim Pixie hairstyle

This hairstyle is about embracing the beautiful shape of your face. The asymmetry in the haircut makes it so suitable for girls with long faces. As you can see, the length of hair falling on the right side is longer than the left side. A lateral separation was made and completely covered by sweeping the hair forward.

Hairstyles for long faces

A line Bob

You need to have absolutely straight hair to try this look. If you do not have naturally straight hair, you can use the iron to remove all waves. Make a crest on one side and cut your hair into a typical bob. Although the hairstyle has a long margin, no additional layers are put into the hair.

Hairstyles for long faces

Straight Blonde Praise

Try the praise or the long bob if the typical bob feels too short for you. The hair is turned inwards and thus frames your elongated face from both sides. The long pony that reaches to the eyelids flatters the face shape. The piston has received two distinct layers to make it more interesting.

Hairstyles for long faces

Medium hairstyle with soft layers

Soft layers complement most face shapes, and theirs does not differ. It also looks so classic that it looks pretty for women of all ages. The hair length just below the shoulders is perfect for this look. After the layers have been cut by your barber, make a side separation and blow dry the hair.

Hairstyles for long faces

Bob with side bangs

It’s one of the coolest hairstyles for you. The choppy cut of the bob, along with the ruffled look of the hair, gives the style an exciting and fun atmosphere. Stick one side of the hair behind the ear and let the other side loose. There is a short bang that is turned over the forehead. This requires minimal effort, but gives you the maximum serenity.

Hairstyles for long faces

Long straight hair with pony

Bangs have a chance that your face will not look too long and at the same time beautifully outline your face. Lift the hair straightener and straighten your hair well. Let the bangs cover the brow completely and reach to your eyes. Such long bangs look great if you have really long hair with you.

Hairstyles for long faces

Side Parted Wavy Bob

Wavy Bob has an old Hollywood appeal and immediately reminds you of the iconic beauties of Hollywood. The hair color was also bleached to go through the entire classic hairstyle route. Use flat iron from the center of your pendulum to create the rippling effect, then make a dividing line on any side.

Hairstyles for long faces

Hairstyle with Wispy Pony

Pony have a way to reduce your hair length. The wispy ponies are one of your best bets on the matter as they distract attention from the elongated shape of your face. This is a basic updo hairstyle, with the hair pulled on the crown and then all the hair pulled to a high knot.

Hairstyles for long faces

Messy Bob Haircut

The messy hair look is always trendy. One reason for this is probably the fact that messy hair looks good on every face and hides the fineness of hair in a pretty clever way. Use Hair Pomade, and then use your thinly toothed comb and your fingers to get the tangled hair. The side swept fringes do not have to be as disheveled as the rest of the hair.

Hairstyles for long faces

Shag haircut with choppy layers

A shag is basically a haircut with layers and chopped ends. Shags can be of any length, but the most common are pixie cuts and bobs. The hair tips must be rolled inwards to create more volume in the hair. Voluminous hair looks good if you have a long face. Create a page spacing according to the page that fits your face.

Hairstyles for long faces

Wavy hairstyle with straight pony

Contrasting two hair textures is always a good idea and this hairstyle shows you the reason for it. The hairstyle is usually suitable for naturally smooth or slightly wavy hair. The pony is long and straight and ends at the eyebrows. Pick up the hair from the middle of the length and start making the waves. Make a small break behind the bangs to complete the look.

Hairstyles for long faces

Dull bangs with straight hair

Dull bangs are pretty popular this season, which makes them an absolute must-have for you. Ponies are the ideal solution to give something extra to an otherwise straightforward, straight hair. The blunt pony makes you younger by covering the forehead lines and softening your whole face. Here you can also see deep brown accents against deep black hair.

Hairstyles for long faces

Textured soft wavy hairstyle

Of course, when you try out such a voluminous hairstyle, you look fuller than it is, and that’s good news for oblong faces. Let the heavily layered waves caress your shoulders and let the ends spring outwards. The short bangs of long bangs make the hairstyle really stunning. You can add the highlights of your choice. The length of the hair must be long.

Hairstyles for long faces

Medium hairstyle with side swept pony

This is the textbook definition of how a hairstyle should look for oblong faces. First, the thick curls at the end of the hair give the hair plenty of volume. Second, there is a long pony that is gently pulled over half of the forehead. Third, a face side is so beautifully framed by the hair that the face looks oval.

Hairstyles for long faces

Side ponytail hairstyle

Start by adding lots of shine serum to your hair. Create a dividing line on one side and tease and puff your hair. Brush your hair with a comb with wide teeth and bring all hair to one side of your shoulders. Now take a hair band and secure your hair in a ponytail. Take a strand of hair and wrap it around the hair band to cover it completely.

Hairstyles for long faces

Midsection Long layered hairstyle

Layers look just as good on straight hair as on wavy hair. The hairstyle shown here is called curtain hairstyle. The first layer, which resembles a long bang, reaches beyond your ears. The way the hair hangs down the sides of the face is similar to the curtains pulled back from a window and has earned the name.

Hairstyles for long faces

Long curly hairstyle

Long curly hair is an independent hairstyle. These striking curls flatter the extremely long face. The bushy and very voluminous curls give the face more width and make the face seem much smaller in comparison. It is a fact that it takes a long time to get such defined curls. But the results make the effort worthwhile.

Hairstyles for long faces

Blond Bob with side swept pony

The charming and trendy Bob was blown away to let the layers go outside and create a great feeling. This medium to short bob looks cool for any occasion. The ends of this sideways hairstyle are jagged and it stops just above the neck. The hair on the front is shorter than the back and the pony makes the look adorable.

Hairstyles for long faces

Long wavy haircut

The hairstyle looks like it came out of a 1950s vintage poster. The soft waves in the middle and on the side, which divide, make for a stylish yet simple look. What makes it perfect for a long face, however, is the way the waves are shaped. The waves caress the face on one side and make you look great.

Hairstyles for long faces

Short Pixie Cut

Short pixie cut is loved by women all over the world as it is very low maintenance while giving you a modern and smart look. Just because you have a long face shape does not mean that you can not pull it off. You just have to do it the right way as you see it here. Do not brush the hair too neatly and keep the length really short.

Hairstyles for long faces

These twenty-one hairstyles for long faces were carefully selected, taking into account all style sensations. Here you will surely find your favorite. So go ahead and turn heads with your new and stunning hairstyle.


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