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2019/2019 Short Hairstyles by the Stars

Once you decide to commit, cropping your hair super short, there is no way to go back. Although, short hairstyles are so popular nowadays, that I do not think you will regret what you did. Short hairstyles are not limited. There are many styles to choose from. Tons of celebrities are here to inspire and inspire you to go for a new culture. Today, we have prepared small pixies chic bobs. Click the “Learn More” button and explore 2019/2018 short hairstyles by the stars .


Natural Curls

With natural curls, things get easier. Beautiful actress Ruth Negga is blessed with a natural chic texture and she has nothing to do with it rather than embracing it. She tamed her unruly, curls with a super short cultures. The thing that requires to create this look is a natural face and the high gloss of hair products for defined curls. This leprechaun keeps the accent on his beautiful face, while trying to copy us the look.

Natural Curls

Ruffled Ruffled Bob

Vanessa Hudgens shines as always. His amazing striking thick and wavy hair looks great in a short culture lapse of this genre. Lately, we have noticed that women celebrities of the fall for the bob, so this is an ideal time to dive into the trend. A bob, as this tends to the glory of the face while creating a feminine look. If you plan to copy this style, follow Vanessa’s example and add a few waves to your bob.

Venessa Hudgens Ruffled Ruffled Bob

Bright Blue Bob

Katy Perry is here to show us some color. We are pretty obsessed with this brilliant bob. She cropped her super short hair and added a bright blue shade. The combination of color and cut is very interesting. It’s a pleasure to watch, which will also keep the wearer in the center of attention. However, ask your barber to blunt bob and blunt bangs.

Katty Perry Bright Blue Bob Super Court Pixie

This timeless pixie will completely change your life, as it did with Michelle Williams. Let’s say it’s the best haircut she has ever worn. Platinum blonde, shade not only complete her pixie, but also skin tones and eye color. It’s the best source of inspiration for ladies around the world. If you have the complexion and the shape of the face like her, immediately copy the look.

Super Court Pixie

Corrugated Natural Bob

Black celebrities too have personalized the bob for their own texture and skin tone. They emphasized their natural hair and curls the freshness of hair color. Kelly Rowlands Natural Bob is a great option for ladies with a thick mane. This hairstyle can be easily copied by ladies with oval to square faces.

Corrugated Natural Bob

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