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20 Fresh Hair Ideas Lavender Shadow and Purple Shadow

This article is about fresh ideas for lavender shadow hair and violet shade. When we talk about cool and funky hair shades, one of the best is lavender. The shade of purple hair is really remarkable and gives an impressive style. In this article, we will discuss 20 fresh ideas for lavender shade and purple shade.

20 Fresh Ideas for Lavender Shadow Hair and Purple Shadow

1.) Ombre blond hair

Ombre Blonde Hair Lavender Ombre Hair and Ombre Purple

Purple shadow always beautiful on blond hair. The light shade of purple goes very well with the light shade of your hair and so it is one of the most impressive hair in the shade of lavender and purple shade.

2.) Lavender shadow on brown hair

Lavender Shadow on Brown Hair Lavender Shadow Hair and Purple Shadow If you plan to give your brown hair a purple hue then make sure that you opt for a slightly darker shad of purple. It suits your hair and gives you a different look.

3.) Lavender with Blonde in the Middle

Lavender with Blonde Hair Ombre and Lavender Medium It is one of the most different and purple hair to go. If you have blond hair then it’s fine and good otherwise you can get your hair blond.

4.) Purple shade with layers

Purple shadow with layers Shadow lavender and purple Shadow The layers are always beautiful and they appear more beautiful when you color then. Lavender shadow and purple is the shade that will definitely go to your hair.

5.) The Trio

Trio Lavender Ombre Hair and Purple Ombre You can also try three different shades with lavender shadow hair and violet shade. If you have black hair then this look will suit you for sure.

6.) On black hair

On Black Hair Lavender Shadow Hair and Purple Shadow

Black hair works as a base for purple shade and so you get beautiful hair color. So, if you have black hair, try the lavender shade and the violet shade.

7.) Lavender shadow on curls

Lavender Shadow on Lavender Shield Earrings and Purple Shadow

You can also make your flowing curls more beautiful by trying the awesome looking lavender shade and violet shade. In fact, it’s one of the awesome colors you can give to your hair.

8.) Lavender on black Bob

Lavender on Black Bob Hair Ombre Lavender and Purple Ombre

We have already discussed the importance of purple on black. Purple shade also perfectly perfect on your bob too.

9.) With lighter ends

With lighter ends Lavender Shadow Hair and Purple Shadow

Give your shadow a small, affectionate look with lighter ends. The lighter ends are not attractive highky but they are attractive and charming in their own way.

10.) Lavender with waves

Lavender with Waves Hair Ombre Lavender and Purple Shadow

If you like wavy hair then you can certainly opt for lavender hair color.

11.) Purple on gray hair

Purple on Gray Hair Lavender Shadow Hair and Purple Shadow

Violet a gray is what makes you a perfect party lover. This is one of the most dazzling hairstyles you can choose with lavender shade and purple shadow.

12.) Purple tips

Purple Shadow Lavender and Purple Shadow

very attractive and enchanting. Shadow lavender is the shadow that will definitely make the best of your advice.

13.) With Rose

With Shadow Hair and Lavender Rose Lavender

Purple is really a funky color and by mixing it with pink shade, you can make it look more dazzling and charming.

14.) With the Blend of Sky Blue

With Sky Blue Lavender Shadow Hair Blend and Purple Shadow

You hair appear more attractive and beautiful by mixing it with the fuzzy shade of your hair. So, this is one of the most beautiful hair colors you can try.

15.) Violet on Caramel

Purple on Caramel Lavender Ombre Hair and Purple Ombre

The color of the caramel hair is something very beautiful. You can make it more beautiful by trying the purple hue on your hair.

16.) Lavender shadow on platinum

Lavender shadow on lavender platinum shade and purple shadow

The platinum hair color is really charming and attractive. You can make it appear more glamorous and fantastic by adding a purple hue.

17.) Darker shadow

Ombre darker shade Ombre and purple

If you want your shade to be visible, then you can try this hair color for sure. This is one of the most amazing hair colors you can try for yourself.

18.) The party way

Part way Lavender Shadow Hair and Purple Shadow

If so, then you should definitely try this hairstyle. Just play with the darker, lighter shadow of the purple shade and add the shine of the silver.

19.) Violet on Blue

Purple on Ombre Blue and Purple Ombre Hair

Give yourself a dazzling look in the shade of purple on blue.

20.) Violet on Silver

Purple on Blue Hair Shadow Lavender and Purple Shadow

If you are a party animal, then it’s the color of the hair that you will love for sure. Purple on the money looks amazing and helps you look ready for the party.


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