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17 simple short hairstyles for women – appear beautiful and glamorous

Are you busy all day with your different work?

Then you do not need so much time to take care of your hair. So it can be a big problem in the future. To get out of this problem, the best solution may be to get shorter hair. First of all, it will give you a completely different look and, moreover, it will be easier to handle than ever before. You do not have to spend much time behind it. If you think that after getting shorter hair you are not able to try out attractive hairstyles, this time you are absolutely wrong.

Here in this article you get many haircuts and styles for the short hair. To look absolutely adorable, you can have the hair cuts like Pixies and Bobs. These cuts will help you to present your beautiful and silky threads that you naturally have. By using hair accessories or hair spray, you can make them look livelier, bouncy and undoubtedly beautiful. But you know the right texture and the volume of your hair. So do not be sad for your not so long hair. Get the right haircuts, tools and products, styling style and your short hair will not be a problem! Choose one of these ideal and simple short hairstyles to find your next look.

Short, straight pixie hairstyle

In this hairstyle you will look 10 years younger than now. This cute haircut with an undercut on the side gives you a perfect look. If you have a small oval face, it is best for you. To get that look right, you can use any medium smoothing cream to moisten your hair. Use a flat brush when blow-drying. If your hair is completely dry, you will need to use a straightener in the front of the hair to finish the look.

Simple short hairstyles

Asymmetrical pixie cut

If you age gracefully, this hairstyle is absolutely perfect for you. This particular asymmetric haircut belongs to the group of Pixies. The front of your hair must be straight to accentuate the actual look. The side panel will be short, but there are many hairs in the back area. You can wear very little earrings. You can use the blonde hue color to highlight your hair, which makes it look gorgeous.

Simple short hairstyles

Curly pixie for women

The next time you go to your barber, ask him or her for more texture in your hair. This haircut not only gives you an extremely cool look, but is also very portable. It is brave and yet youthful, without being outrageous. Moreover, it is very modern in terms of appearance with the least maintenance problem. If you have very curly hair and you want to be easily rid of the hair problems, you need to have this cut. It will add a little more cuteness to your look.

Simple short hairstyles

Smooth cut bob

Since we all know that age is just a number, you can have this awesome and stunning hairstyle at the moment, and certainly it will not matter what age you have. If you’re under 40 or over 50 years old, you can try this slanted bob look with side members. This is a very simple but classic hairstyle for the beautiful look. Mostly, it works best with straight hair. But if you have a bit of wavy hair, it will look good on you as well. In addition, the side separation adds some extra points in this look.

Simple short hairstyles

Straight bob with side bangs

This modern short haircut for women impresses nobody. It offers a perfect style for women of all ages. If you are over 35, this is your cup of tea. This makes for a very slim and sophisticated look. Mostly it works perfectly for straight hair. However, if you have wavy hair, you can use any straightener for the perfect look when you go outside, such as a party or gathering.

Simple short hairstyles

Wavy bob for older women

If you undoubtedly age, but your hair is frizzy at the same time, this hairstyle is absolutely perfect for you. If you have enough texture and volume, you can try this look as well. You have not spent more time caring for your hair. It will only be shorter in terms of length, but it will be easy for you to handle.

Simple short hairstyles

Blonde Pixie Hairstyle

This medium-sized bangs on the haircut looks overall contemporary and asymmetrical. If you have an oval or heart-shaped face with fine to medium-textured hair, you can wear this look perfectly. Straight or very light wavy hairs justify the look. First you need to get a little wet and then use a hair dryer and a heat protector. Finally use a hair iron machine to get that classy look.

Simple short hairstyles

Short black hairstyle

This particular hairstyle gives every party a bold look. Not everyone can wear this look so fine. So if you are brave enough to justify this look, only you should try this. If you have an oval face with a good quality and texture of hair, then this is right for you. No partition is required in this layered haircut. Some long fringes flow from the hair on the forehead. Black is the color that best suits this hairstyle.

Simple short hairstyles

Short hairstyle for black women

This hairstyle will give you a simple cool yet stylish look. For any formal or business purpose, this will be the best hairstyle. If you have a good texture in your hair, you need to try this cool style. The front part has more hair than the back. Some fringes will be on your forehead to finish this look.

Simple short hairstyles

Bob haircut with pony

This bob-cut look gives every woman of every age a very classy look. This works great for any hair length or texture. However, this is not a wash-and-go hairstyle. If you want to get that look you need to work harder. This angular, angular haircut and the front fringes make you look breathtaking.

Simple short hairstyles

Short blond braided hair

This is the simplest but super cool hairstyle ever. If you have an oval or heart shaped face, you can choose this style. You do not need a hard hairstyle to get that sweet look. Only straight or little wavy short hair can give it to you. Braided bangs in the front give the finishing touch.

Simple short hairstyles

Brunette Short Shaggy Haircut

This short haired brunette hairstyle gives you a fantastic look that will always impress in the fashion world. It works best with medium wave hair. However, if you do not have the natural wave in your hair, you can easily create it with a curling machine. The side part has less hair than the front and the back. Long fringes on the forehead add value to this look.

Simple short hairstyles

Dull, short bob hairstyle

This hairstyle will give you a bold and extraordinary look to attract the attraction of all. It works best with straight hair. If you have thin and fine hair, you can cut it to the chin to get that look perfect. If you have enough fat, you can even try coloring your hair with bright orange.

Simple short hairstyles

Stacked Bob Haircut

Are you bored with your usual look? This stacked bob haircut makes for a simple, but cool look. The front part has long hair as the back. The hair is cut to the top of your neck. Almost straight and full straight hair will fully justify this look.

Simple short hairstyles

Angled Bob Haircut

Of course you have gray hair? If not, dye your hair and try this look to embrace your beauty. This hairstyle will help bring the dimension in your head. The front has a medium length and the back has shorter hair.

Simple short hairstyles

Messy short black hair

This hairstyle is very modern and offers a stylish look. Both the side and the front and rear portions of the hair have a short length. If you have short hair down to the shoulder length, you have to try this. It is very beautiful and yet simple. You have to try this to impress the world of fashion.

Simple short hairstyles

Simply layered short haircut for women

You want to look stylish, but handy hair? Then you should opt for this hairstyle. This will give you a short haircut with a simple layer. A small amount of fringe gives this breathtaking look extra beauty. If you have a very bad hair structure, you can try this. It will help you achieve a perfect look with a nice and neat cut.

Simple short hairstyles


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